Member Bios

Our Spandex Army (and a lot of guys named Dave)


 Aimee Brugler City: New Richmond, Wi

Dream Bike: 
I love my Cannondale Synapse so far!!

Favorite Cycling Discipline: Road

Favorite Pizza Toppings: I rarely eat pizza, but I was a server at Pizza Hut during my college days, and I often left there smelling delicious!! Ha!!  I love all veggies but won't come near the meat toppings!

Favorite Cycling memory/accomplishment or WHY do you ride bike:  I am fairly new to cycling, so each milestone is pretty exciting. I love to ride by myself through the country, and I also cherish time on the road with a big group, or a few good friends!! If I ride by myself I follow the same loop or I'll get lost! I'm always thankful for all those who lead me in new, exciting directions!! My 100 mile ride at the Fulton Gran Fondo was my biggest accomplishment so far!!

Favorite sponsor : 
I am so thankful Chilkoot! They guided me and helped me purchase the perfect bike!! The employees are full of knowledge and are willing to share and teach! I appreciate the work they do on my bike, the conversation and of course, the coffee!!

About me:
I have 6 busy kiddos and taking care of them is my full-time + job! I cherish being a mom and the balance that my workouts provide me! I am actually a distance runner on a bike! Unfortunately, racking up the running miles has left me injured and crying (yes, for real) too many times. A few years ago, my husband suggested I get a bike in attempt quiet my fussing while injured. It is through riding that I have found a new sense of joy and welcomed challenges!! Whether traveling the country roads alone, with a big group or a few cherished friends, I thoroughly enjoy it!!  I am really looking forward to challenging myself as I ride with the Big Ring Flyers!

   Andy Schutte 

City: Hudson WI

Dream Bike: Specialized S-Works Tarmac Di2

Favorite Cycling Discipline: Road

Favorite Pizza Toppings: Green peppers, black olives and mushrooms

Favorite Cycling memory/accomplishment or WHY do you ride bike?: I ride a bike to be free. Growing up, I was allowed much long as I could get there myself, I could go just about anywhere. That meant I could go anywhere I wanted if I had a good bike and decent legs. At the same time, I spent much of my youth testing myself against my buddies to see who could ride our homemade bmx tracks fastest and who could jump the table-top jumps and ditches the farthest. Riding as an adult keeps those feelings alive and staves off the aging process (at least in my mind). 

Favorite sponsor product and why? My favorite sponsor products are my DeFeet base layers. In a world of all these great sponsors and products....UNDERSHIRTS?!?!?!?!? Yes, that is the truth. On the bike, I hate being hot or cold. Adding a DeFeet UnDShurt to my kit allows me to stay warm during roll-outs without causing me to over-heat when the action picks up. Next to my bike, helmet and shoes, it is often my most important piece of gear. 

A few sentences about you: I am a Hudson native. I spent 9 years in college (and probably am not done). I am a reformed hockey player.
  Austin Headlee
City: New Richmond, WI

Dream Bike: 
Cervelo S5

Favorite Cycling Discipline: Road

Favorite Pizza Toppings: Bacon Cheeseburger

Favorite Cycling memory/accomplishment or WHY do you ride bike: 
Completing a full RAGBRAI (Registers Annual Great Bike Ride Across Iowa),I ride because its a great way to stay in shape and because the people in this sport are absolutely amazing and so kind and considerate. My dad is also a part of the Big Ring Flyers and he motivated me to join the team and get more into being active after high school was done.

Favorite sponsor : 
The Rudy Project. (On my dream helmet list) I love their story and I hope to own some of their products in the future.

About me:
I am currently finishing up my freshman year at UW-Stevens Point with a Soil and Land Management major. This will be my first year with the team and I look forward to participating lots this summer. Sadly I have not been on a lot of group rides this spring so far because I have been 3 hours away at college, however I plan to change that after I come home for the summer. My dad, Brian Headlee, has been a huge influence to get me biking and to get me into this world. He inspired me to join this team and really pursue my passion for cycling. I have a passion for the outdoors and enjoy lots of fishing and hunting along with just being outdoors in general.

   Avery Dahl City: Hudson, WI

Dream Bike: 
Colnago C-60 Full Campy Record Group

Favorite Cycling Discipline: I am primarily a roadie I do some time trialing, and throw in a little cylocross. 

Favorite Pizza Toppings: Sausage

Favorite Cycling memory/accomplishment or WHY do you ride bike: Any time I finish rubber side down, I win.

Favorite sponsor : Souigner embrocation

 Brad Hallett

City: Bayport, MN

Dream Bike: De Rosa KING XS because Italians make the most beautifully simple bikes.

Favorite Cycling Discipline: Road bike

Favorite Pizza Toppings: Arugala and balsamic vinegar 

Favorite Cycling memory/accomplishment or WHY do you ride bike?: I ride, because it's living. Having survived two heart attacks, each ride is precious. I've ridden road since 1984 and raced BMX a few times as a kid. In the late 80's, I raced with Flanders Cycles and won the Tour of Duluth in '89. Riding with the Big Ring Flyers is wonderful, because of the group riding and camaraderie. I thoroughly enjoy group rides and seek them out each season. My top watts? Around 1,300+ watts in an all out sprint. Riding the Almanzo 100 in 2016 for the first time was special.

Favorite sponsor product and why? Rudy Project glasses are well-made and look just darn cool. Chilkoot Cafe & Cyclery is one of the best cafes in the St. Croix Valley and the CC Cyclery provides solid bike services.

A few sentences about you: Cycling and experiences around Pro Cycling are priorities. Review Rule 11, Yes, "It's all about the bike." I've been married to my best friend, Jennifer, for over 22+ years, and she's my rock. If you need a wind block, I'm happy to help. If you have a flat tire and need a spare tube, I can help. And if I see a "red dot" Stop Ahead sign on the horizon, it's GO TIME. And when there are cobbles, ride like Fabian,


 Bob Maki

City: Hudson, WI 

Dream Bike: already own it

Favorite Cycling Discipline: TT

Favorite Pizza Toppings: sausage and pepperoni

Favorite Cycling memory/accomplishment or WHY do you ride bike?: I ride because I love it.... Commeraderie, sense of accomplishments, health, stress release, because I can!!!

Favorite sponsor product and why?

Mama Maria's for the food and because they're a long term local sponsor

A few sentences about you: I have three wonderful kids. Love to visit my daughter in Colorado whether it's ski season or bike season. Work at 3M


 Brad Anez

Dream Bike: Look 795

Favorite Cycling Discipline: Road

Favorite Cycling memory/accomplishment or WHY do you ride bike: – (3) tours of ride the Rockies all over the state of Colorado (consisting of 6 days of riding nearly 100mile days each)

Favorite sponsor product: Scratch –quality product, reasonably priced

About me: I am 45 years old, and work as an electrician for Hunt electric. I have 2 kids 21 & 19. Living near Bass Lake, I enjoy riding our horses, canoeing, backpacking, and many other outdoor activities. Looking back a few years to the mid 90’s, I transitioned from my family style Huffy mountain bike to a real road bike. It was quite eye opening as to all of the “gear” one would need to just ride a bike. As the years rolled on, I got more into it. Eventually started to get serious with canoe/bike/run triathlons. I competed for 8 years in that style of tri. In 2008 I joined a new Wild River tri group based out of Hudson. Then signed up for my first swim tri the summer of 08. I have been competing with swim tris ever since. Looking at the 3 disciplines, running is my strongest suit, then biking, then the swim.

I really look forward to becoming a member of the BRF team. Gary and Tina are the ones who suggested I try riding with the group on Tuesday nights. This will be my third season riding with the team. Wanting to make it official now! My goals in riding with the group, are to get faster, build endurance, and learn as much as I can from the veteran knowledge pool available here. Very nice to see the big group of riders this past Tuesday. Brian Burns City: New Richmond, WI

Dream Bike: tie between Specialized Stumpjumper FSR and Specialized Roubaix SL4-Expert

Favorite Cycling Discipline: Road, Road and more Road

Favorite Pizza Toppings: Pepperoni and extra cheese. Throw in some mushrooms and jalapeños on the weekends.

Favorite Cycling memory/accomplishment or WHY do you ride: My favorite biking memory is probably my first Chequamegon Fat Tire 40 in 2008. That or the first road century in 2009. The Jesse James ride in Northfield. It was the beginning of the "get back in shape I spend too many hours in a chair" phase of my life that I have not managed to get out of yet. It was an amazing feeling to go farther than I ever imagined I would, and it wasn't even that hard! What a feeling. I ride because it gives me a sense of control over something. I talk to people all day and live in a home with 5 women, so being on a bike means its just me and the road. I am not competitive, at least compared to some, but I really like to push myself, find out where my physical and mental limits are. I don't think I've found them yet.

Favorite sponsor : Still in testing phase...

About me: Married, 4 daughters (17, 15, 12, 12), yellow lab Daisy (also loves to bike). I'm a marriage and family therapist by day and specialize in couples who are in relationship crisis. I grew up in Montana and Utah, before mountain bikes were really a thing. I did a lot of hiking and backpacking, which I still enjoy.

 Courtney Olek

City: Roberts, Wi

Dream Bike: Bianchi because... Teal

Favorite Cycling Discipline: Club Groupie, I know my way around a cow bell.

Favorite Pizza Toppings: Everything that goes on a pizza from the crust up is my favorite.

WHY do you ride bike?: I ride to keep up with my husband, BRF- Thomas Olek. I joined the club as a way to figure out what my husband is always talking about. Pelotons, Pain Cave, Strava- its like we were speaking another language. Now I am proud to say I am fluent in bike. My husband and I are very active people, biking has introduced us to a way we can enjoy some of favorite things together. This club has brought us both out of our comfort zones, trying new things, meeting new people. There is always fun to be had at a bike race whether it be a locally owned food truck, craft beers, new eclectic people, or just enjoying the environment around you.

Favorite sponsor product and why? I'm pretty partial to our Borah teamwear. I don't think orange has ever looked so good.

About me: I am 28. I have a my Ph.D. in Sarcasm. I primarily lift heavy weights in the gym, biking is a nice way to get out of the gym. Thomas (my husband) has big dreams for me on the bike (he wears some pretty sweet rose colored glasses). I assist Brian Headlee and Russ Patten with the team's Instagram and Facebook accounts. I work as an ICU nurse in the cities. Being a nurse is my passion- It is the most rewarding, challenging, emotional, versatile career I could have chosen for myself. I love the outdoors, architecture, enjoying the small things and pleasures in life. I love candid photography, good food, and tequila with salt and a lime. I am game for trying anything once.

Brian Glaeser
City: Somerset, WI

Dream Bike: Depends what discipline

Felt IA for Tri, Beargrease for Fat, Still shopping road and cross.

Favorite Cycling Discipline: Triathlon

Favorite Pizza: Hawaiian for a standard offering otherwise most I go with the most creative or extensive list.

Why Cycling: Got into the endurance sports scene about 8 years ago with running. After a few injuries and I guess some boredom I decided to get a road bike to mix up the training. That lead to the challenge of my first triathlon which then lead to many more multisport and cycling events. I continue to be excited by trying new challenges, meeting new people, and seeing myself improve year over year as an endurance athlete.

Favorite Accomplishment: Ironman WI in 2014, USAT Age Group National Championships 2015

Favorite Sponsors:

Hard to comment as I have only had a chance to try out a few.

Chilkoot Cyclery & Café: great service, knowledge, group rides, and food!

The Bora gear is great too.

About Me:
I am 31 years old and moved to Somerset after graduating from UW-Stout and starting a engineering career at Andersen Windows in 2008.

The fitness/endurance sports thing didn’t really start for me until after college. I have been an avid outdoorsman, hunter, fisherman since childhood but really only rode things with motors once I hit high school. I’ve had my share of dirt bikes, street bikes, snowmobiles, and jet skis along the way and still enjoy motorsports but spend way more time and money powering myself these days. I started running in 2008 and ran my first marathon in 2011. I bought my first road bike and competed in my first triathlon in the fall of 2012. Over the next couple years I joined both the Wild River Triathlon Club and Tri Fitness Triathlon Clubs which have both contributed a great deal to my growth as an athlete. Since 2011 I have probably competed in over 30 endurance races including runs, dualthons, triathlons, cross country skiing, and other unique/adventure races. This year I am primarily focused on training for Iron Man WI (9/11/16) but definitely enjoy to mix in some fat/mountain biking, and road biking in groups as part of my training. I am a very social person so I really enjoy group rides and have met a lot of great and supportive people along the way!

 Brian Headlee

City: New Richmond, WI

Dream Bike: Something that says Cannondale on it and rolling HED Wheels.

Favorite Discipline: Entirely seasonal whether it's the Fat Birkie or Hotter N Hell 100.

Favorite Pizza Topping: Meat lovers, with extra meat and a side of meat.

Why cycling: Cycling is twofold to me. For one it is very social in that cyclist are an awesome brand of people that are great to hang with while riding bikes and staying fit. You can roll out in a group of 20 and work as hard as you like or sit in and converse some. As well just head out with 1-2 friends and chat. Likewise cycling is an amazing solo activity. You can head out on your own and roam the roads or trails and clear your mind of all but the current experience on the bike, be in the moment. You may choose to lay down some watts or watch the ducks on the pond you're passing by.  All while getting a workout in, and go somewhere! You can ride to River Falls for breakfast and back, not so much running or swimming.

Sponsor: While it is hard to pick a favorite sponsor because they are all so good to us, we are asked to do so. Chilkoot Cafe and Cyclery has been instrumental in keeping me rolling and and on the bike. Whether it be a new bike, parts, or the amazing Biker Breakfast Burrito, Lee and the gang are Rockstars!

About me: So I like to ride. Road, Mountain, Fat, Gravel, Cyclocross, it is just good times being on the bikes. So much adrenaline and fun rolling down 100th Ave with a paceline of 20 teammates at 30mph or bombing the berm bridge at Whitetail in the dark during a snowstorm.  Riding is fitness for me, physical and mental, in a way that my body can sustain. Every ride you come back down the driveway after is a podium finish.

 Cheryl Barker
City: Hudson WI

Dream Bike: I cannot afford another bike.....but dreaming of a BMC.

Favorite Cycling Discipline: Who can choose? I like them and do almost all! (Road, Cx, Fat, Crit, TT, Tri)

Favorite Pizza Toppings: Cheese - I'm from WI - DUH!!

Favorite Cycling memory/accomplishment or WHY do you ride bike?: I have cycled for 10 + years. It's just amazing! I especially love the growing Women's presence in MN/WI racing.

Favorite sponsor product and why? I have a pair of Smith glasses for cycling and I love the DeFeet socks!

A few sentences about you: I'm married, mother of 2 teenage girls, AND a Master Gardener. I love to run bike and swim, hunt and fish!

 Chris Iverson

City: Hudson, WI

Dream Bike: Trek – Project One

Favorite Cycling Discipline: Road bike and Fat Tire. Year round fun!

Favorite Pizza Toppings: Frankies Pizza (Saus, Pep, Mush, On)

Favorite Cycling memory/accomplishment or WHY do you ride bike: Finishing my first MS150 ride and losing 50+ pounds.

Favorite sponsor product: Chilkoot’s quick service and knowledge. Can’t skip Mama Maria’s, love the Italian Sampler!

About me: Married (Cheryl Iverson) with 3 daughters (Ashley, Kirsten & Alyssa) with Son-in-law (Zack) and 1 granddaughter (Braelynn)…future biker. Enjoy hunting, fishing and our camper in Chippewa Falls.


 Chris Stevens

City: New Richmond, WI

Dream Bike: Any fast aero frame

Favorite Cycling Discipline:I like fast bikes.  TT, Road, Triathlon

Favorite Pizza Toppings: Least favorite pizza topping:  Pineapple!  Juicy pizza?  YUCK!

Why cycling: I've been in endurance sports all my life.  Running, triathlon, cycling.  The human body is an amazing machine.  It's fun to push the limits to see where you can go.  Enjoy the work.   

Favorite Sponsor: Mt. Borah Pro LS Skin Suit.  But only if you want to be really fast. 

About Me: I have wonderful wife (Amy) and 2 daughters.  Amy (we all call her AJ) is also an endurance athlete.  It's something we can enjoy together. Our oldest daughter Kailey is a swimmer.  Our younger daughter Amber enjoys running, biking, and most recently tennis.  It's a lifestyle for us.  We also enjoy camping and other family activities.  Amy and I also enjoy snowmobiling in the winter.  Believe it or not I once grew a world record giant pumpkin (1810.5#) Crazy!


 Chris Stindt

City: La Crosse, WI

Dream Bike: Domane SLR eTap

Favorite Cycling Discipline: Mostly a roadie, but I love my fat bike.

Favorite Pizza Toppings: Probably hawaiian, but I love most pizza.

Favorite Cycling memory/accomplishment or WHY do you ride bike?: I ride because (in no specific order): I can be social on group rides, I can get away from it all, I can push myself, I can recreate with my wife and kids, I can go places, I get to eat whatever I want, I like to stop for coffee, I enjoy the camaraderie, I like to be competitive, it doesn't make my knees hurt, I actually think the gear is cool, it's waaaay cheaper than when I had a motorcycle, I like watching the pros race, La Crosse is a beautiful place to ride,...should I go on?

Favorite sponsor product and why? I'll go with Borah on this one, as it's a hometown (basically) company for me. The kits they produce are made just down the road, fully custom, look good and work better.

A few sentences about you: I recently turned 30, my wife is Anna and we have two kids, Benny (4) and Julie (1). I grew up in rural Wisconsin, outside Ripon, and attended UW-Oshkosh for my bachelor's degree, and MN State Mankato for grad school. I currently work at UW-La Crosse as a Career Advisor.

I started biking as training for a triathlon and I've been hooked on biking since. I cut my teeth on group road rides with the Ripon College mountain bike team. I currently ride with a social group in La Crosse, EMAG, at 5:30 am two to three days a week. I also have a fat bike, and have been racing on that for the last two winters. I'm newer to road racing (outside of triathlon), but I really enjoy it. I had my first crash at the La Crosse Omnium, but I finished! And I completed the Crit the next day too. My goal is to get to a Cat 4 in the next couple of years...and then stay there. I have a lot to learn, room to grow my cycling engine, and I'm looking forward to doing it with the Big Ring Flyers.

 Chris Wiswell

City: Somerset, Wi

Dream Bike: Speed Concept Project One

Favorite Cycling Discipline: Triathlon

Favorite Pizza Toppings: Anything and everything

Favorite Cycling memory/accomplishment or WHY do you ride bike: I ride now for fun a change up in working out and because I need to for triathlons. I enjoy going out for ride just to clear my head and relax. 

Favorite sponsor : Mt. Borah and HED Wheels

About me: Let's see about me, well I am married for 21 years and have three daughters. 
About 5 years ago I started to go to the gym because I was tired of my knees and hips hurting all the time and figured if I started to move they would hurt a lot less, the side effect of moving is I lost about 70 pounds. 
In 2014 I started riding a stationary bike, swimming and jogging on the treadmill just to mix things up. I saw that the New Richmond Centre was host a triathlon so I thought what the heck let's try it. I quickly realized my Walmart bike was not going to work for this so I bought a new bike and began to ride outside as part of my "training" for the tri. I



City: Roberts WI 

Dream Bike: Ducati Diavel Carbon (ok so not a “bicycle”, but a bad-ass bike nonetheless)

Favorite Cycling Discipline: Road

Favorite Pizza Toppings: Pineapple and 9mm Bullets

Favorite Cycling memory/accomplishment or WHY do you ride bike:  Cycling started out for me as a way to train for Motocross.  Now it is a way of life. A good friend of mine offered me his old Cannondale for a few weeks and was soon convinced by some “friends” that we should do a century ride. One 40 mile ride and one 60 mile ride then the 100 mile. After that I was hooked. I bike now because it make me feel truly alive – when your heart, lungs and legs are searing, it make me appreciate what I am capable of. Being part of the Big Ring Flyers has so many facets – there is something for everyone. If you want to race with some of the best, they are here. If you want to hunt down a strava segment and need a little encouragement, there is no better way than a group ride with the Big Ring Flyers.  If you are a runner and want to cross train, get on the bike and there will be someone to talk Fartleks and swim strokes. Favorite memory? The first time my son Conner rode the MS 150 with me when he was 12.

Favorite sponsor :  Definitely Chilkoot Cyclery. Lee, Lev, Troy and the rest of the team are second to none.  They always treat me like I am the only one in the store. I have seen their dedication to the sport through the support of the JR racing teams to the Pros and everyone in-between.  If I ask for help or simply a question, I always get more than I hoped for. They are the best example of customer service I have seen in any industry!

About me: I have come to love fitness because I have learned that if you want to enjoy life, first on the to-do list is to take care of yourself. To feel good, you have to do good – to yourself, your family and those around you. I can’t wait to bike, run, hike, canoe, fish and hunt with my grandkids. What you see in life depends mainly upon what you are looking for; find the good and act as if that is all you see.   


   Dan Covey

City: New Richmond, WI

Dream Bike: Just being able to get out on a bike. With four kids in four different sports just finding time to ride is a dream

Favorite Cycling Discipline: Downhill with the Wind or pure power sprints. 

Favorite Pizza Toppings: Pizza with everything except green peppers.

Favorite Cycling memory/accomplishment or WHY do you ride bike?: Raced mountain bikes on a really good team a long, long time ago. Won my overall category that year. Funny part, I was the throw in teammate. My friend Dave was really fast and they asked him to join the team all the time. He finally said he would only be part of the team if they let me come along. So they took me too. 

Favorite sponsor product and why? DeFeet socks – my kids steal them all the time. 

A few sentences about you: Love riding. A good group ride is the best. On my previous team, we had a rule that no female was ever dropped without sending two guys back with her. It was strictly enforced and the top riders would look at me and say go get so and so she flatted or we dropped her and it was my job to grab a teammate and get her back to the group or make sure she made it to her car. This was before smartphones and GPS, when we carried a paper road map. I never wanted to lose sight of the group because the map was always just a wet and sweaty mess by the time you needed it.
 Dave Bogenhagen

City: North Hudson, WI

Dream Bike: Sidewinder V (owned one as a kit)

Favorite Cycling Discipline: Road, commuting

Favorite Pizza Toppings: Sausage

Favorite Cycling memory/accomplishment or WHY do you ride bike: Finished in 8th place 3 seconds from the winning time at Dairy Days a few years ago.

Favorite sponsor product and why: Chilkoot, they gave me a discount before they had a published list.

A few sentences about you: Except for living 6 years in the Twin Cities. I've spent my entire life in Wisconsin. When I started my 1st career job I bought a Vicount road bike and did a couple tours. Bike got stolen while at college. Have won many Frisbee Tournaments in the 80;s. Bought a used bike from a work buddy in 2005 and have kept riding since then.

 Dave (Hollywood) Harkness

City: Rockford, IL

Dream Bike: The next one I buy!

Favorite Cycling Discipline: Road only.

Favorite Pizza Toppings: No Pineapple

Favorite Cycling memory/accomplishment or WHY do you ride bike?: Cycling saved my life more times than I can count, Its magical.

Favorite sponsor product and why?: Rudy Project glasses. I wear a prescription and their insert is perfect , it allows me to change color of lenses without breaking the bank. Skratch it! DeFeet socks are perfect as well!

A few sentences about you: I work hard all summer as a property adjuster. My cycling suffers. I try to make a few races each summer for fun. I have 4 months off each winter in which I train and compete in XC Skiing. At age 56 I ski out of Wave One (skate) at the Birkie.


  Dave Krattley

City: Hudson, WI

Dream Bike: 
Salsa Primero (currently riding)

Favorite Cycling Discipline: Mountain biking

Favorite Pizza Toppings: 

Favorite Cycling memory/accomplishment or WHY do you ride bike: 

Favorite sponsor : Matcha Scratch


 Erik Engness


City: Stillwater, MN

Dream Bike:
A Kona Dr. Good for enjoying Stillwater/Hudson area’s many fine carb-water/pizza establishments and Niner Air 9 RDO for racing

Favorite Cycling Discipline: 
The closest thing I own to a road bike is a rigid, singlespeed Felt with 29x2.3 tires and bullhorns on it (road bikes have bullhorns and rigid forks?)

Favorite Pizza Toppings: 
I love all pizzas equally, but it has to have meat on it

Favorite Cycling memory/accomplishment or WHY do you ride: 
I don’t know that I actually have a favorite memory, however one of my first memories is being on the back of my dad’s motobecane, while watching one of the balloon festivals out in Massachusetts


Favorite sponsor : New to the area and to the team, so not sure yet!


About Me: Navy vet, graduated from UW-EC with a B.S. in Materials Science, starting my M.S. in Engineering at Platteville this fall and I appreciate any type of biking that doesn’t involve pavement! Trying to prevent the dad gut from coming in as long as possible (I will inevitably grow one looking at my family and my love for ales, stouts and pizza) and biking is my main way of staying active, started racing last year (2015), started attempting to train seriously for MTB races this year(2016). My address may say Minnesota but I say GPG!


City: River Falls, WI

 Dream Bike: Way too many cool ones (dreams) to list!   

Favorite Cycling Discipline: All cycling disciplines are cool, but I mainly ride road and mountain bike.

Favorite Pizza Toppings: Pineapple is 'tops-of-the-toppings' for me! (but I am generally not too picky when it comes to toppings or food in general)

Favorite Cycling memory/accomplishment or WHY do you ride bike:  As a converted (washed-up) runner and triathlete, I find cycling to be the sport that fits me best in summer. I began riding 'pseudo-competitively' during the best music era (1980's). I have a Minneapolis Aquatennial Triathlon poster dated 1987, which may be near the time I gave the sport of Tri a try. Since that time, I enjoy commuting (by bike) to work as much as I can in the summer, trying to keep up with my girlfriend (Tina Olson), and meeting all of the great people that I have through the sport of cycling. Cycling constantly brings me great memories, which may be why the phrase "put the fun between your legs" was created for this sport. Cycling, especially with the Big Ring Flyers, is fun..defined!

Favorite sponsor product: I first tried Scratch products last year after hearing of others using Scratch products to avoid cramps and bonking during endurance events. The Scratch products have worked well for me as they seemed to have found a great combination/blend of ingredients for sustained endurance.

*Mama Maria's has provided great food service and appetizers for our rides and other events. Thanks to these and all of our sponsors!

About me:  I am lucky to be a part of the Big Ring Flyers and all of the people that surround me/the team. I have two boys, Conner (17) and Jared (14) and have worked for the State of MN for over 14 years. Nordic skiing has become my winter passion the last few years thanks to Tina Olson and Lori Belz for showing me the techniques. Skiing and riding are good crossover sports that work well for each other (and me). 
 Heather Larson

City: Somerset

Dream Bike: I’m still on my first and too new to know

Favorite Cycling Discipline: Road Bike

Favorite Pizza Toppings: Green Olives and Mushrooms

Favorite Cycling memory/accomplishment or WHY do you ride: I am really a runner but cycling allows me time to breath, see more sites than I can on my feet and be outside and appreciate nature and all it’s beauty.

Favorite sponsor: Chilkoot – biking has opened up a whole new side that I didn’t know about and I wouldn’t be where I was at if it weren’t for my Cannondale Snyapse and the over and above service I have had there. I feel like I stop in for no good reason at least once a week just because I feel at home there!

About me: I’m really a runner disguising some of my workouts as a cyclist! Truly though, I am fortunate to know some of the most amazing people. I work in the fitness and health coaching industry so I am blessed to watch people make transformations right in front of my eyes once they find the power to believe and the desire to do it! When I am not at the gym, on the roads or on my bike…I am home and likely outside working with my flowers and just enjoying nature and all it gives us with my two crazy pugs. On occasion I actually have to work to keep the office managed for my better half’s water tower repair and build business. Life is good!



City: Burkhardt, WI

Dream Bike: Trigger 29 carbon

Favorite cycling discipline: XC

Favorite pizza toppings: Everything

Favorite cycling memory: Winning the MORC season championship for citizen 40-45 in 2013. While racing with my son Lucas.

Favorite sponsor: Anything at Mama Maria's. It's awesome!

About me: I've been cycling 10 years, Married for 20 have 3 teenagers. I enjoy cycling with my friends and family. Especially mountain.


 Jill Beskar

 New Richmond

Dream Bike: anything fast and fancy that I don't have to pay for! 

Favorite Cycling Discipline: Road

Favorite Pizza Toppings: Everything but olives!

Favorite Cycling memory/accomplishment or WHY do you ride bike?: I stumbled upon cycling while nursing an injury from running. I was out in a 17 miler one morning near Hayward, WI and it started raining pretty hard. I went into the bike shop to wait out the storm and left with a Trek Madone! (I am no longer allowed to take credit cards on runs for incidentals). 

Favorite sponsor product and why? Mama Maria's. Because I love carbs. And wine.

A few sentences about you: I'm wife to a busy guy and a mom of three busy kids who just can't seem to sit still herself. I love to ride, run and lift weights. 

Being a part of the Big Ring Flyers is pretty special. What an amazing group of people!


City: New Richmond, WI

Dream Bike:  Anything fast and aero

Favorite Cycling Discipline: Road Bike

Favorite Pizza Toppings: Sausage, red onions, and extra cheese

Favorite Cycling memory/accomplishment or WHY do you ride:  A memory that stands out is the 2015 Flambeau 40 when a guy a few riders in front of Thomas and myself surprisingly fell off his bike when the group was going 20+ miles an hour.  The result was about a dozen bikes and riders scattered across two lanes of traffic.  We were all pretty lucky and I happened to capture it all of the GoPro.  Great footage and a strong reminder how quick things can happen.  Be safe! I really do love to put the watts to the road, powering up hills, helping to pull the train and knowing how good riding is for the mind, body and soul.  There is a level of freedom rolling silently through country roads on your own power. Experiences shared with like-minded and motivated friends really do make being part of the Big Ring Flyers Club something special.  Cycling is a team sport and we are a team.

 Favorite sponsor: Mama Maria's is a great sponsor for the Big Ring Flyers.  I have been going to Mama Maria's for over 20 years to enjoy delicious Italian food.  They have done a great job supporting our club and continue to be a first choice when deciding where to eat with the family.

About me:  My wife Jill and I have 3 kids (Drew, Avery, & Annie) and they keep life busy and exciting.  I am an engineer by profession and have been supporting a wide variety of medical products through my career.  On the weekends you can typically find me outside working in the yard, fishing, hunting, or riding my bike with family and friends.  Kesha Marson

City: New Richmond, WI

Dream Bike: Fat Bike of course

Favorite Cycling Discipline: Road Bike

Favorite Pizza Toppings: Black Olives

Favorite Cycling memory/accomplishment or WHY do you ride: Riding the Veterans Highground Bike Tour every year with some amazing people for an even better cause.

Favorite sponsor: Chilkoot Cafe and Cyclery...they treat us pretty darn good! A few sentences about you: Cycling has been a great addition to my other hobbies and has introduced me to lots of new and fun people. Nice balance for the day to day stress of being a clinical therapist and emergency services crisis worker.


City:  Lakeland, MN

Favorite Cycling Disipline:  road, mtb and fatbike

Favorite Pizza Toppings: Sauerkraut

Why do I ride bike: the physical and mental strength it gives me.    Love the association, a lot of great friendships have been created through cycling.

Favorite sponsor: Chilkoot, great shop, great people and very good service.  Love the cafe too!

About me:  Married to Vince Meyer, we are both originally from Iowa. We have two boys, Gabe (13) and Pierce (10).  Love spending time together as a family.  We are an active family and always looking for an adventure... downhill skiing/snowboarding, MTB, dirtbikes, snowmobiles. Wish there was more time to do more. For a career, I am a jewelry designer and goldsmith. 


City: West Lakeland, MN

Dream Bike: The bike I have

Favorite Cycling Discipline: Mountain Bike

Favorite Bike Trial:  Moab's Porcupine Rim 

Favorite Cycling memory/accomplishment or WHY do you ride bike:

The Mountian bike races in the early 90's; Sat. was the obstacle courses, down hill races then Sat. night everyone, from whatever team, the Batman or... there racing and camping sat around the campfire after dinner drinking and story telling. Then the XC race Sunday morning rain or shine crawling out of your tent getting ready for the line-up. 

Favorite sponsor product:  I love Rudy's frames.

About me: I like Mountain Biking and downhill skiing and snow boarding, also getting out on the kayak is a great get-away.  This summer I want to get the Sail board back in the water.  There is nothing like mountain biking or skiing out west, but then there is that full time job that gets in the way of all the great adventures out there.  Lorelee Zywiec

City: New Richmond

Dream Bike: I will need to spend some time dreaming of a dream bike :)

Favorite Cycling Discipline: Road Bikin' Is Part Of My New Life. Fat Bike WannaBe.

Favorite Pizza Toppings: Cheese

Favorite Cycling memory/accomplishment or WHY do you ride: Since I am just a pup, every time I ride is a new favorite memory and accomplishment. The friendships made are truly a treasure. I ride to rack up the miles and improve my riding skills. Triathlons have my penchant. Sprint tri done. Lake tri or two this year? 1/2 Iron person on the horizon?

Favorite sponsor: A meal at Chilkoot is a perfect date place for me. Looking forward to receiving my Borah team apparel.

About me: Top Notch Cleaning makes me happy and busy working for myself. Growing Giant Pumpkins is nearly like a sport. I have so many interests, there will never be enough time in one day.


 Lucas (Luke) Dalbec

City: North Saint Paul

Dream Bike: Domane SLR with Mechanical Dura Ace 9000. 

Favorite Cycling Discipline: Roadie...however, I wouldn't rule out mountain biking. Just need to get one first. 

Favorite Pizza Toppings: Anything goes!

Favorite Cycling memory/accomplishment or WHY do you ride bike: My favorite cycling moment was from 2011 when I did the vets ride for the first time. Great group of people together riding some formidable roads. 

Favorite sponsor : Mama Maria's has always been a great spot in my opinion and getting to hang out with everyone after a ride makes it even better. Scratch Labs is a new product for me and so far it's helping out a great deal in training. 

About me: There's too much to tell and I'm an open book.



New Richmond, WI

Dream Bike:
Not sure, I'm living the dream everyday

Favorite cycling discipline:
Road with hills

Favorite pizza toppings:
Black Olives and Meat

Favorite cycling memory/accomplishment:
114 miles in 5:10 on a beautiful summer day

HED wheels, because they are cool, and cool is fast...

About Me:
Let’s start with my wife, Shelly. She’s smart, always right, super hot, and she owns all my bikes.  She makes me ride my bike when I need to and encourages me to get out of the house often when I should.  Did I mention she’s beautiful and she is always right?   I don’t think I would ride my bike as much as I do without her complete encouragement and motivation.


City: River Falls, WI

Dream Bike: Canyon Aeroad (in red of course)

Favorite Cycling Discipline: Fat Bike, Road bike…etc

Favorite Pizza Toppings: Sausage and Onion

Favorite Cycling memory/accomplishment:  My favorite cycling memory was climbing up 3,600ft of Black Hills gravel roads covered in 6” of fresh powder on a road bike with 25mm tires (I only fell 12 times).

Favorite sponsor product: Skratch Labs is in my bottles whenever I head out for a big ride or a hard training day.  It helps me stay hydrated and fueled for hours and I don’t have to worry about carrying along pounds of extra food.  It makes it so easy to stave away the dreaded “bonk” and helps me get moving on tough days when motivation is at an all-time low.

About me: I am currently a senior at UWRF majoring in Borad Field Science with and emphasis in Biology, with plans to become a high school biology teacher. I am very fortunate to have found and amazing job at Production Services at UWRF, where I get to lead and teach a team of about 20 students. In my free time when I'm not our on the bike I play bass and sing in my band Sycamore St. In 2015 I got into cycling after finishing my college track season, when I wanted to find a way to exercise without the constant hip pain of hurdling. Now the addiction has fully kicked in and my new goals involve racing and also completing my first century ride this year! 

  Megan Felling

City: River Falls, WI

Dream Bike: I own all dreambikes!! I have a Beargrease Fatty which is fun all year long. I have my Trek Madone rode bike which I got in 2010 or 2011 and I still love it. And my newest bike is a cute little Trek Lexa which is great for pulling the baby in the burley or taking with us on our adventures and pulling all our gear in the Bob trailer.

Favorite Cycling Discipline: I enjoy fat biking all year round and touring /camping bike trips. 

Favorite Pizza Toppings: Pepperoni and any veggie.

Favorite Cycling memory/accomplishment or WHY do you ride bike?: I like group rides because it puts me out of my comfort zone and challenges me to push the pace. I use the group rides for triathlon training. I ride my bike because it is a fun way to stay in shape, it is great way to start an adventure and because it allows you to explore new cities, towns and countries in a completely unique way.

*** "what is it you plan do with your one wild and precious life?" ***

 Mitch Freund

City: Somerset, WI

Dream Bike:  Ridley Noah 

Favorite Cycling Discipline: Road

Favorite Pizza Toppings:  All of them!

Favorite Cycling memory/accomplishment or WHY do you ride bike:  I ride for improvement and to be competitive! Memory wise my favorite was probably climbing Clingman's Dome in the Smokies up to over 6000 ft!

Favorite sponsor : HED

About me:
I like Busch light, wheat thins, and alternative rock. I work for a company that makes medical devices, and have a dog named Cadence. My spirit animal is a walrus.

   Paul Daveloose

City: St. Paul, MN

Dream Bike: More test rides to complete....Anything faster and lighter than what I currently have.

Favorite Cycling Discipline: Mountain Biking

Favorite Pizza Toppings: Little of everything

Favorite Cycling memory/accomplishment or WHY do you ride bike?: I'm not much of a long endurance racer, but finishing the Chequamegon 40 with multiple leg cramps, not enough water and pure determination always makes it interesting. Why not go for the challenge and see how many of my friends I can beat to the finish? Some days I am still shocked I finished that race, especially when I was new to mountain biking. 

Favorite sponsor product and why? HED Ardennes SL+ Awesome wheels that ride great!

A few sentences about you: Adrenaline junkie! Very active in just about any outdoor activity. Biking has become one of my passions over the last few years and I continue to enjoy the sport more and more. Mountain biking hooked me, road biking keep pushing my endurance. I am also a volunteer First Responder and little league baseball coach.
 Rod Hawkins

City: New Richmond

Dream Bike: Trek Madone Race Shop Limited

Favorite Cycling Discipline: Road bike and Fat bike

Favorite Pizza Topping: Pepperoni, Sausage

Favorite Cycling Accomplishment: Riding 10,000 miles in one year - twice!

Favorite Sponsor: Chilkoot Cyclery - Personalized service and large selection.

About Me: I am in my late forties and married with two children. I have been an avid road biker the past ten years and a moderate biker the ten years before that. I have recently caught the fat tire bug and logging a fair amount of miles during what is my normal rest and recovery months. I am not a racer or disciplined enough to be on a training program. I just love to ride, and ride a lot.


City: New Richmond, WI

Dream Bike: Sub 20 pound fat bike. The other option is me losing 15 pounds and keeping my existing Trek Farley, I think I'll go with N+1.

Favorite Cycling Discipline: I like to train on the road, especially on group rides with the #squad. I really like being pulled along at 28mph in the middle of the peloton. I tried cyclocross racing for the first time last fall and was instantly hooked. During the first race, I got caught up in a wreck on the first big climb. I went down, was kicked, stepped on, ran over and cussed at. I jumped up, realized that all of my bones were intact and immediately knew that 'cross racing was for me.

Favorite Pizza Toppings: Seriously, it's Pizza, what's not to like? I grew up less than an hour from the Tombstone Pizza factory in Wisconsin, so I've been perfecting pizza selection my whole life. I'll take anything from cheese to superty-duper deluxe. Please hold the anchovies.

Favorite Cycling memory/accomplishment or WHY do you ride bike: All 3 of our daughters have competed in youth triathlons and duathlon's over the past several years. Watching them compete and making sure they have a competitive/reliable bike hanging on the transition rack. Beyond that, my favorite cycling memory is the annual fall ride that we take from Hudson to Selma's in Afton for Ice Cream

 Favorite sponsor product: We have a fantastic relatonship with all of our partners and work hard to make sure we're providing value. Our bike shop, Chilkoot Cyclery provides service and support that is second to none. They keep us on our bikes when we want to be riding, period. It's also hard to beat 1/2 Price Apps and Drinks at Mama Maria's on the first Tuesday of the month. Why? Seriously?

 About me: Unlike Courtney, I only have a Master's degree in sarcasm and no one thinks I am funnier than I do. About 1/2 of the things I say are true, and the other half are pure sarcasm, the challenge is figuring out which one is which. Every day I wake up and realize how blessed I am for the family, friends and fun I have in my life. By day, I'm a technology sales guy, the rest of the time I am lucky enough to chase around our 3 daughter's between school, sporting events and helping them live their passions like kart racing, hockey and barrel racing as well. I am also a husband to the most tolerant, understanding, beautiful, caring and thoughtful woman there is. Besides family, racing is my passion and my favorite smell is methanol. I prefer winter over the other 3 seasons and if it's not currently snowing, I wish it was.



City: Roberts, WI

Dream Bike: I own my dream bike, Giant Propel. It’s FAST

Favorite Cycling Discipline: I like anything on the road most.

Favorite Pizza Toppings: The list would be shorter if I just wrote what I didn’t like on my pizza. The problem is that is a REALLY short list because I’ve never had anything on pizza I didn’t like.

Favorite Cycling memory/accomplishment:  My favorite accomplishment is cycling in general I’ve never stuck with anything or trained/prepared for anything as hard as I do cycling.

Favorite sponsor product and why?  I love our affiliation with Chilkoot, without them my bikes wouldn’t be nearly what they are today. Fat or Road they take care of me. Plus they get me all the SKRATCH labs I can handle.

A few sentences about you:  I never thought that I’d love cycling but it turns out I love cycling, I love the BRF family and where we are headed. It has pushed me places I’ve never been (Pain Caves) and showed me what it takes to truly be mentally strong, and helped with physical strength as well. The group of people its introduced me to has been great, every member and new member that I learn more about are genuinely awesome people with the same interests as the group.   



City: Cable, WI (I really live in Phoenix, AZ but I spend the summers in Cable)

Dream Bike: PIVOT Mach 429 SL 

Favorite Cycling Discipline: XC MTB

Favorite Pizza Toppings: Veggies

Favorite Cycling memory/accomplishment or WHY do you ride bike:  I have always loved riding my bike. The movie "Breaking Away" really got me pumped up to ride. I begged my parents for a Schwinn Varsity and rode the rubber off it. Now I have a daughter at Indiana University! Go figure. I love the feeling of freedom when on my bike and the connection with other like minded souls when out with a group. I'm a part owner of PIVOT Cycles which allows me to combine work and play. My favorite cycling memory is crossing the finish line at Leadville in 2011. 

Favorite sponsor product:  Favorite sponsor is DeFeet. The socks are awesome! Life is too short to wear plain socks. A great pair of socks can really get you motivated to ride. 

About me: I'm 52, married to my best friend and have four wonderful kids. I live in Phoenix,AZ but have spent every summer of my life in Cable, WI on beautiful Lake Owen. I became passionate (some may say addicted) about triathlon in 2005 and that ramped up my cycling quite a bit. I have competed in many races including the IM World Championships, IM 70.3 World Championships, Xterra World Championships and the USAT Age Group National Championships. Yes...I do have an IM (M dot) tattoo :-). My focus this year is purely on cycling with a goal of competing in some epic mountain bike races like Breck Epic, Cape Epic and La Ruta de los Conquistadores. 


Tina Olson

City: River Falls, WI

Dream Bike: I lived my dream ~ bought 3 new bikes over the last year, sold 2 now = 4.

One for each occasion: MTB, CX, Road, and Fattie, I think I have it covered for now.

Favorite Cycling Discipline: This is difficult one, depends on who, what, why and where I am at the moment. I got to say, over the years I went from road racing to mountain bike racing. There is something about the dirt and woods that turns my crank.

Favorite Pizza Toppings: I could live on pizza, just not pepperoni. 

Favorite Cycling memory/accomplishment or WHY do you ride:  Dr. Greg Goblirsch(former BRFer) introduced me to cycling in 2000. He introduced me spinning with his wife Sue at the YMCA. Then told me about this bike club in Hudson with hot guys in spandex I should check out. So, I bought a new Cannondale triple, started to ride with my friend Eve then I decided to check out the Hudson club. I rolled up to Dag's house still had my reflectors on, and noticed, I was the second women in the group. Dag would push me up the hills and talk to me at the same time. Needless to say I was dying! I showed up every Tuesday even though I was sick to my stomach for hours before, and couldn't eat after. I did lose weight pretty fast. I learned a lot about my self, nutrition, and fitness.

The guys took me in as one of them, taught me the ropes, even how to blow my nose when riding! My first race was a Wisport in WI Dells, and I won a medal. If dag was busy with Bjorn, Bob Barbe and Jeff Colbeth taught me a lot along with Bob M., Avery and Boggie. I am still friends with Judy the first girl on the team, she was hard on me at first, she was my inspiration and still is.

This year my goal is some Epic MTB racing. Including Lusten 99er.

Favorite sponsor:  My favorite product is Scratch labs!! It agrees with me, I like the taste, and it keeps me hydrated.

All of the sponsors are awesome! I do like good food, Mama Maria's food is top notch!

About me: One of my favorite sayings is, " The joy of the journey is in the ride." Your bike can take you places.  I was married for 11 yrs, divorced in 2000. I have a son who is 19 yrs he owns Klass Beauty which he started with his business partners 2 years ago. We have a chocolate lab Mocha she is 7 yrs. I have been a RN for 26 years, now I am dating my self. I enjoy riding my bike in all conditions, I like to garden, travel,ride bike,cook, cx ski, kayak, eat, ride bike and drink all kinds of beer!

   Troy Peterson

City: Hastings, MN

Dream bike: Pope Bone shaker 1885-88

Favorite Pizza Toppings:
Canadian bacon and sauerkraut

Why ride: Its my way of being fit, having fun, and socializing.

Favorite sponsor product: Defeet socks have always been my choice for comfort. Sweating shoes suck.

About me:40 and married. Kids and dogs rule my life.

Vince Meyer

City: Lakeland, MN

Dream Bike: Anything under 12lbs

Favorite Cycling Discipline: Road

Favorite Pizza Toppings: Cheese

Favorite Cycling memory/accomplishment: Mellen road race with fellow BRF's reeling back in the lead group after we let them go off the front. Strong teams make road racing FUN!

Favorite sponsor product: Chilkoot Bike Shop.  Very friendly and knowledgeable personnel.

About me: Middle aged now (I guess), male who is shifting gears a bit to focus on two young boys (and my lovely wife) so that they grow up with memories of an active family upbringing.  Mixing cycling, mountain biking and dirt biking trying to find time to do them all during the nice spring, summer and falls months of the upper midwest.  Life is GOOD!


William Johnson

(Big Ring Flyer since the orange jersey with the blue road on it.

City: Fredric, WI

Dream Bike: Stable includes Bianchi (2), Cannondale, Osell custom (Columbus TSX), Miyata MB, single speed CX bike (Chinese frame) and several others

First Bike: 3sp Schwinn Travellor

First Serious Bike: 1972 Motobrcane

First Team Association: Fat Dog Mendoza, Milwaukee WI

Favorite Sponsor: Mama Maria's in Hudson, Wi has been a great long term sponsor

About Me: Long time WiSport Cycling Series race and Board Member. Take a few
photos and write silent sports event related coverage for the local paper.


 Willem Krattley

City: Hudson, WI

Dream Bike: 
Giant TCX Pro

Favorite Cycling Discipline: Mountain and cross

Favorite Pizza Toppings: 

Favorite Cycling memory/accomplishment or WHY do you ride bike: 

Favorite sponsor : likes to catch air and drink Lemon Lime Scratch

   Dave Goetzinger


Dream Bike: 

Favorite Cycling Discipline: 

Favorite Pizza Toppings: 

Favorite Cycling memory/accomplishment or WHY do you ride bike: 

Favorite sponsor : 

About me:
    Dave Oachs 


Dream Bike: 

Favorite Cycling Discipline: 

Favorite Pizza Toppings: 

Favorite Cycling memory/accomplishment or WHY do you ride bike: 

Favorite sponsor : 

About me:
   Diane Kadidlo


Dream Bike: 

Favorite Cycling Discipline: 

Favorite Pizza Toppings: 

Favorite Cycling memory/accomplishment or WHY do you ride bike: 

Favorite sponsor : 

About me:
    Ellen Daroga


Dream Bike: 

Favorite Cycling Discipline: 

Favorite Pizza Toppings: 

Favorite Cycling memory/accomplishment or WHY do you ride bike: 

Favorite sponsor : 

About me: